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Our Story


Living and Learning Across the Generations

Since 1912, Wambiana Station has been the home and workplace of the Lyons family. The deep roots that they have formed with the property have helped create a wealth of history and knowledge to share about life on a cattle station, living in the bush and sustainable grazing practices.

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Our Values

As a family, we value working with nature. Wambiana is home to an abundance of native wildlife which live harmoniously with cattle that are adapted to our environment. We respect past wisdoms and traditions of our forebears, yet embrace innovation and future possibilities.

As a business, we operate diversified enterprises involving beef production, bull breeding, tourism and educational camps. Our business strives to be both ecologically and economically sustainable.

As part of rural Australia, we value the opportunity to share experiences with anyone who is interested in understanding more about where their food comes from, and the people who make it happen.

Respecting the Past

Each generation of the Lyons family that have lived at Wambiana, has valued the traditions of the generation before, yet always strived to improve the resources under their management, to build a sustainable grazing business for future generations.

Part of the original homestead, known as "The Cottage," is a slab timber building, circa 1864 and was home to three generations of the Lyons. Today, it provides a very rustic and nostalgic option for guest accommodation.

The original, corrugated iron kitchen and dining areas still stand today, as does the Chinese Cook's quarters. The main homestead is over 100 years old and still retains many of its original features. All of these buildings have stories of their own and are shown to visitors during their stay.

Embracing Innovation

At Wambiana, we like to keep our minds open to new ideas and are always looking for ways to improve efficiencies and sustainability on multiple levels. For over 25 years, Wambiana has leased land to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry to undertake a long term grazing trial. This trial has provided valuable insights into the effects of various grazing strategies on long term viability of beef production under variable rainfall conditions.

Since 2012, university students have conducted field studies at Wambiana Station, researching native invertebrates and biodiversity within a range of environments.

Within our grazing business, we access cutting edge technology, such as genotyping, to fast-track the genetic improvements in our herds in order to breed cattle that are best suited to our environment and are efficient converters of grass to beef.

Feeling fortunate: What a repeat visitor from USA has to say about Wambiana Station

Michael and Michelle, along with their children, really do a wonderful job of teaching their visitors all about what life is like on an Australian outback cattle station! Our days were filled with lots of fun and educational hands-on activities…At the end of 19 days in Australia, my students ranked their visit here as one of their very favorite parts of their visit Down Under. I can't wait to return!

Teacher Leader,
People to People International